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Our Story

Don't feel like reading?  Head to the Home page to view our brand video. It sums us up in under 3 minutes.


It started as a personal solution one afternoon. Little did I know it would be the first breath of a new venture down the road.

Everyone has their “thing.” For me, that’s often a relaxing bath at the end of the day. This is my haven for brainstorming and reflecting. I tried finding an elegant but functional tiered stand that I could keep on the edge of the tub. After doing what many of us do, combing through Etsy to find the perfect thing, it just wasn’t out there. So I made it. I didn't view it as a business opportunity at the time.

What Came Next

Fast forward a little over a year. We were both in new chapters of our lives. This brought changes and growth for each of us, but it also made room for flexibility and dusted off our desire to do something together. We have our own pursuits, but we loved the idea of merging and doing something new. We didn’t want to force it. After all, I was in Texas and Brittinni had moved to Georgia. So we knew if this was meant to happen, it would have to be organic.

During a visit to Georgia, Brittinni wanted a stand for her bathroom counter. This time, we made a refined model and implemented the industrial aesthetic. This was a new and exciting process to experience together. It wasn’t fancy or glamorous--just two sisters in the garage having a good time. We thought if it enhanced the peacefulness of our baths, de-cluttered our work spaces, and kept our fruit from going rogue on the kitchen counters, then others just might love it as much as we do. Requests started coming from family and friends for stands of their own.

A few weeks later, I was back in Georgia. We made six models during that trip, which is now our Genesis Collection. But we also wanted to invite our customers into the creative process, so we created B.Y.O.S. (Build Your Own Stand).

(This is where it all started. Four of our six original models.)

The Process

As long as we can remember, we’ve always been wired to dive a little deeper. To analyze beyond the surface and seek powerful meaning in life. Instead of watering down that part of ourselves, we embrace our full design. (And so should you!)

Knowing this about ourselves, it’s no surprise our brainstorming went the way it did. We wanted our brand and everything it stands for to be intentional. Genuine. It inevitably infiltrated every aspect of our vision and planning—down to our name and logo and what they represent. It’s all on purpose. Of course, we had our favorite snack to help us out—cheese and pickles. (BTW, if you haven’t tried that combo, you definitely should.)

(A glimpse into our first brainstorming session.)

Our Philosophy

One cannot exist without the other.

Forge (verb):

a) To form or bring into being by an expenditure of effort
b) To progress in a steady manner (physically or metaphorically)

Vessel (noun):

a) A container or item intended to hold or carry something
b) A person into whom some quality is infused

Our logo weaves this all together. It represents God as our starting point, and upward and outward growth.

It’s not just about us though. It’s about you, too.

Our name and logo reflect everything within our merchandise, ourselves as people (vessels) 😉, and you. We are all forging out, extending effort in life—progressing through the process of continued growth and change.

What is #iamforgeandvessel?

It’s something we can all relate to. We have the opportunity to live out Forge + Vessel every day. In our jobs, passions, hobbies, roles, relationships, and purpose.

 Until next time,