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B.Y.O.S. (Build Your Own Stand) | Wood Display Stand


B.Y.O.S. (Build Your Own Stand) | Industrial rustic wood tiered display

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make your selections before adding to cart.  Price will automatically update.

Say hello to B.Y.O.S. She’s independent and reliable. She’s the lead role, but you’re the director. She’s carefree and colors outside the lines. That’s why you guys were made for each other. There’s a lot of you in her. She can’t be replicated and neither can you. She’s a wild card.

Bring the outdoors inside or enhance your outside space with this rustic, industrial stand. This multi-functional, tiered display allows you to organize upward instead of outward. They were designed with you in mind--to be part of your daily life and style or brand.

1. Choose your Wood + Tier Level

Round: (S) 5" - 7"
Round: (M) 7" - 9"
Round: (L) 9" - 11"

Plank: (S) 9" - 11" width x ~13" length
Plank: (M) 11" - 13" width x ~16" length

Birch: (S) 4" to 6"
Birch: (M) 7" to 9"

2. Choose your Rod Accent Color

Uncoated Steel
Metallic Rose Gold
Flat Burnished Amber
Metallic Black

Note: Your selection applies to all tiers. For example, if you choose "Brown Round (S) 4 Tier", each tier will be approximately 5" - 7". Please reference the labeled guide to see examples.

She works hard + plays hard as a:

Wedding centerpiece / Essential oil display / Housewarming gift / Kitchen + coffee organizer / Patio addition / Business product display / Bedroom + bathroom enhancement / Food + beverage presenter / Plant stand

Sanded. Sealed. Delivered.

She's been treated, sanded, and sealed to ensure she stands the test of time.
Clear, non-slip grips are attached to her base.
She comes fully assembled and ready to use.

** Have a custom request? Shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do!